Geoscience Major Casey McGuffy collecting surface nuclear magnetic resonance measurements in Adventdalen Valley, Svalbard.

Casey McGuffy traveled to Svalbard (Norway) with Prof. Kristina Keating from the Department Earth and Environmental Sciences at Rutgers University-Newark as part of an international research collaboration to study permafrost in the Arctic. The scientific team included members from Lancaster University and East Anglia University in the UK, Queensland Technical University in Australia, and the University Center in Svalbard. The team used two near surface geophysical methods, surface nuclear magnetic resonance and magnetotellurics, to non-invasively image the depth and distribution of permafrost within the Adventdalen Valley on Spitsbergen Island in Svalbard. Casey's involvement was made possible due to a recent Internationalizing the Curriculum grant awarded to the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences.