The learning goals for the BS programs offered through the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences are based on the objective of producing geoscience graduates trained to pursue successful, rewarding careers that utilize the degree earned.

The key learning goals are summarized below.

  • Exposure to the nature of science and basic scientific principles through the study of the earth and environmental sciences.
  • Mastery of conceptual frameworks for understanding the spatial and temporal aspects of Earth features and processes.
  • Develop scientific literacy and enhanced critical thinking skills necessary to become self-directed learners through exposure to complex, open-ended geoscience and environmental science problems.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to investigate geoscience and environmental science problems through observations and data acquisition in field and laboratory settings and to perform hypothesis testing.
  • Awareness of the unique environmental challenges of urban locations, such as the Tri-State area including New Jersey, and the importance of resource sustainability.
  • Acquisition of quantitative skills relevant to the geosciences and environmental sciences through the collection, analysis, and synthesis of scientific data..
  • Ability to effectively communicate results of geoscience and environmental science investigations in both written and oral formats.
  • Preparation for graduate studies in earth or environmental sciences or entry-level employment in related fields including resource exploration/development and environmental consulting/management.