Instructor: Slater
Terms Taught: Fall
Credits: 3

Course Description
Geologic factors influencing the occurrence and distribution of surface and groundwater and its effects on humans; principles of hydrology; water-systems analysis and planning; water quality and pollution; exploration and development of water resources; field studies in New Jersey.
Pre-requisites: 21&62:460:322 and 21&62:640:114 or 119, or permission of instructor.

Learning objectives
• Understanding of physical factors controlling groundwater transport in porous media
• Competence in applying simple analytical solutions of steady state and transient flow scenarios to real world hydrogeological problems
• Acquire skills in groundwater modeling and be able to construct and execute a 2D flow model using analytical elements
• Able to perform pumping test analysis using both curve matching and computer techniques
• Recognition of the relevance of hydrogeology to public health and safety
• Ability to be able to present and defend hydrogeological datasets