Instructor: Keating
Terms Taught: Fall
Credits: 4


Introduction to basic quantitative and computing methods used to understand geoscience datasets. Concepts covered include;

[1] plotting and visualizing geoscience data

[2] basic data analysis using Excel and Matlab

[3] linear regression and fitting models to geoscience datasets

[4] krigging methods

[5] time series analysis.

Learning objectives

The primary learning objective of this course is also a key learning objective for the environmental science and geology major programs offered by the department of earth and environmental sciences: Acquisition of quantitative skills relevant to the geosciences and environmental sciences through the collection, analysis, and synthesis of scientific data

Course specific learning goals that fall under this department level goal include:

  • Mastery of basic numeric manipulation and literacy
  • Mastery of basic processing, curve fitting and graphical analysis of data using Excel and Matlab
  • Ability to apply simple models to geoscience datasets and estimation of model parameters, along with uncertainty assessment
  • Familiarity with basic time series analysis methods for extracting geoscience information from time series datasets