We are the Rutgers University-Newark student chapter of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists. Founded in September 2017, we combine a mixture of events, outreach, and fundraising to encourage geoscientists throughout New Jersey. We are the first and currently only active official AEG Student Chapter in New Jersey (NJ), and collaborate with the New York-Philadelphia Chapter in the northeast region of USA. Everyone is invited to join us for any of our activities, including social events (potluck parties, boat and hiking trips), fundraisers, community service, and professional and student opportunities including scholarship, traveling, field camping, career/resume building, and research opportunities! We are always seeking to increase our diversity by highly recommending minorities and women to become active members of the AEG and Rutgers-Newark community. Join our email list or check out our Facebook page for the latest updates on what’s happening this month.



AEG Scholarship

Many scholarships and grants are available through the AEG Foundation. Grants are provided to support undergraduate/graduate student members of AEG, which are intended to pay college tuition, environmental and/or engineering geology field camps, research presentations at conferences, published papers, and more. Awards may vary from $200 to $3,500. Applications are due in early to mid-February.



Diversity Potluck Party

Our annual multicultural potluck party at Rutgers University-Newark invites all communities to come together and celebrate with the most diverse national campus in the United States! All are encouraged to bring a dish from their cultural background. Please bring a notecard including the ingredients of the dish.


Community Service

Our AEG student chapter collaborates volunteering events with other national science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) related associations including NJ Site Remediation Conference (NJSRC), Brownfield Coalition of the Northeast (BCONE), and New Jersey


Licensed Site Remediation Professionals Association (LSRPA)

We also volunteer for the local “Extra Mile” program, a homeless outreach ministry at the Newman Catholic Center, which takes place on Friday evenings.


Educational/Professional Seminar

We host informative seminars about today’s environmental issues, undergraduate/graduate research presentations, and on-going geoscience and/or engineering related projects in the industry. Our past guest speakers include IRIS and Langan Engineering internship/career recruiters, who provide advice regarding resume preparation, interview questions, applying to graduate schools, and what to expect in the workforce. Lunch is provided!


Research Initiative Program

Our Research Initiative in the Geosciences (RIG) provides an opportunity for student members to engage in the geoscience-related projects by meeting with professionals, conduct small experiments in the laboratory, and collect data in the field. This spring of 2018, our topic of interest included the application of geophysical instruments for subsurface investigations, where we collected electrical resistivity data to relate to geological formations. Students were shown how to interpret the field data using the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES) Zondres2D software.


Boat & Hiking Trips

We have half-day hiking trips each semester through the DEES. Hiking locations (in NJ or NY) are decided by vote during our general body meetings and/or by emailing one of our officers. Our past hikes were at the Harriman State Park in NY and South Orange Reservations in NJ. We also host a boat trip during the semester. Our past Meadowlands Boat Trip included an environmental tour along the Hackensack River. Lunch and transportation are provided! If you have an idea about more outdoor activities, then please let us know!




On & Off-Campus Events

On-campus events through the Rutgers-Newark Office of Student Life & Leadership (OSLL) include Hoops for Autism, Community Engagement Day, World’s Fair, and more. Off-campus events include regional AEG meetings (AEG NY-P Dinner Meetings, and Annual Student Night) which provides students the opportunity to network with candidate-seeking companies, and present interesting research posters and talks amongst other students and professionals. AEG NY-P meetings include a fun social hour, delicious dinner with various diets accommodated (i.e. vegetarian), with a small RSVP student fee of $5. Non-members are welcome to attend, and transportation is provided!




The AEG Student Chapter was established through the DEES located at the Rutgers University Newark campus.


About AEG

The Association of Environmental & Engineering Geologists (AEG) is an international association that “contributes to its members’ professional success and the public welfare by providing leadership, advocacy, and applied research in environmental and engineering geology”.


Membership in the AEG Student Chapter

We welcome anyone to our meetings and events, and we strongly encourage anyone to become an official member of the AEG at Membership annual dues are affordable. Students are exempt from both annual Association and local Section dues.


Chapter Officers for 2017-2018

President: Jalise Wright

Vice President: Yonesha Donaldson

Secretary: Shannon Gillmann

Treasurer: Kernimay Fenelon

Event Coordinator: Dayana Arrue

Communications Chair: Bianca Vergara

Public Relations: Harsh Patel


Contact us: Please send an email to our AEG Student Chapter at to receive notifications about upcoming news and events!


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