460:320 Structural Geology
Instructor: Gates
Terms Taught: Spring
Credits: 4

Course Description
This course focuses on the characterization of deformational features of the Earth and the forces that produce them. Study of both ductile and brittle structures includes faults, folds, fractures and cleavage at the mesoscopic and macroscopic level with some microstructural observation. Stress and strain measurements are taught using standard quantitative/graphical methods. Material science of rocks is studied at the submicroscopic level with implications for bulk deformation. Field study of features includes map, stereonet and cross-sectional plotting and these structures are grouped for the study of features on the scale of deformational belts. Local field trips.
Prerequisites: 21&62:460:311.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students are expected to:
1) Be able to classify faults, folds, fractures and cleavage using standard systems
2) Be able to measure orientation data in the field and analyze them in standard graphic formats
3) Measure and analyze deformed features for quantitative strain in the rock
4) Determine stress on rocks and estimate strength and failure criteria
5) Understand defects and dislocations in the dynamic recrystallization of deformed rocks
6) Understand the grouping of deformation features in tectonic belts