Instructor: Gates
Terms Taught: Spring
Credits: 4

Course Description
This course focuses on the characterization of sedimentary particles and the processes of derivation, transport and deposition. Study includes classification of particles, rocks and sedimentary structures and relating them to experimental studies that provide physical constraints. Stratigraphy includes the succession of sedimentary rock units and their interrelations. Using stratigraphic columns, correlation diagrams, fence diagrams and seismic stratigraphy, rock successions are categorized into depositional environments and interpreted. The use of hand samples and petrography to identify processes and environments provide key skills to for both the laboratory and field analysis.
Prerequisites: 21&62:460:311.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students are expected to:
1) Classify sedimentary particles, rocks and sedimentary structures in hand sample and using a petrographic microscope
2) Be able to measure a stratigraphic section in the field and present it in standard graphic format
3) Interpret depositional environments using rock sequences, stratigraphic columns and correlation diagrams based upon field or seismic reflection observations
4) Be able to address a rudimentary basin analysis of a sedimentary terrane based upon interaction of interpreted depositional environments