Instructor: Gates
Terms Taught: Fall
Credits: 3

Course Description
Geologic field methods, the collection and recording of data in the field in a variety of geologic terrains; preparation of a geologic map and technical reports based on individual fieldwork.
Prerequisite: 21&62:460:207 or permission of instructor.

Learning Objectives
• Read, interpret and locate data and information on topographic maps
• Become proficient in the use of a pocket transit
• Identify rocks and minerals in the field
• Obtain pertinent geologic data from bedrock exposures in the field
• Compile and organize field data from a variety of rock types
• Produce complete geologic maps from field data
• Read and interpret geologic maps from any source
• Construct standard geologic cross sections from any map
• Measure a stratigraphic section in sedimentary rock
• Produce a graphic stratigraphic column from field data
• Interpret a graphic stratigraphic column
• Apply simple trigonometric functions to solve unit thickness and slope/dip issues
• Use computer drafting programs to produce diagrams.
• Write a report using field data in technical format
• Learn standard technical writing style
• Learn to separate observation from interpretation in writing and discussion
• Revise returned papers to address editorial requests
• Identify poor writing regardless of the source