Bruker D8 Advance Fee Schedule


XRD Sample Prep

Service Preparations Method Price
PREP-1-I Sample Drying Lab Oven or Freeze Drier $5/sample
PREP-2-I Powder Sample Agate mortar & pestle $10/sample


XRD Powder Analysis

XRD-1-I Powder Analysis $80/sample
XRD-2-I Long scan powder analysis $120/hour


Data Analysis & Interpretation

XRDAT-1-I Pattern export in TIFF image and XY, ASCII, EXCEL, or other format included
XRDAT-2-I d-spacing, peak, and basic phase identification $10/sample
XRDAT-3-I Semi-quantitative abundance estimates (peak area) $25/sample
XRDAT-4-I Quantitative analysis by Rietveld Refinement $50/sample



XRD Lab Manager:          

Nathan M. Rabideaux, Ph.D.

Research Analyst

Department of Chemistry

73 Warren Street

Newark, NJ 07102

(973) 353-5579