Bruker D8 XRD

Our X-ray diffraction laboratory is equipped with a Bruker D8-eco Advance XRD for bulk powder analysis. The instrument is fitted with a 9-sample magazine changer and Lynxeye detector. We can perform single and multi-phase semi-quantitative analysis, and quantitative analysis and Rietveld Refinements (see fee schedules). Additional services may be arranged, including clay mineral analysis and specialized analyses such as cation saturation, heating, and ethylene glycol treatments for additional costs. Please contact Nathan M. Rabideaux ( to arrange time on the instrument or to discuss your specific analytical needs.


XRD Industry Fees

XRD Academic Fees



XRD Lab Manager:          

Nathan M. Rabideaux, Ph.D.

Research Analyst

Department of Chemistry

73 Warren Street

Newark, NJ 07102

(973) 353-5579