The purpose of this retreat is to foster interdisciplinary interaction among graduate students in Earth and Environmental Sciences on the Rutgers Newark campus. It is also meant to be an opportunity to meet in an informal setting to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities of being a graduate research student. Note that this retreat is mandatory for all students receiving financial support (of any kind) from the department. Other graduate students in the department are strongly encouraged to attend.

9:30        Meet at loading dock for transport

10:00     Arrive at MERI

10:10     Welcome and overview of day

10:20     Grant writing (Dr Kustka)

11:05     Coffee and light snacks

11:20     Elevator Talks (6min * ~15 students)

12:50     Transport to Marina

13:10     Arrive at Marina - Lunch & Revise Elevators

14:40     Boat tour

15:25     Elevator Talks (New and Improved)

16:25     Writing discussion and exercises (Dr Glamoclija)

17:25     Transport to Campus