380:609 Quantitative Methods in Environmental Geophysics

Instructor: Keating
Terms Taught: Spring
Credits: 3

Course Description
This class will present a comprehensive study of the theory and practice of geophysical inversion. Inverse methods are used to transform geophysical data into a physical model of the subsurface, which allows geophysicists to draw meaning from their data. The focus of this class will be the application of geophysical inverse methods in environmental geophysics and hydrogeophysics; however, the material of the class will be relevant to many areas of applied geophysics.
Prerequisites: Applied Geophysics (26:460:406 or equivalent) and Linear Algebra (26:640:350 or equivalent) or permission of instructor.

Learning Objectives
• An understanding of geophysical inverse theory and its application to environmental geophysics.
• Experience writing a basic geophysical inversion algorithm.
• An understanding of regularization techniques and their impact on an inverted image.
• An understanding of the link between geophysical data and the inverted model.