Instructor: Slater
Terms Taught: Fall
Credits: 3

Course Description
Comprehensive study of theory, methodology, processing and interpretation of the ground penetrating radar geophysical method. Focus on the environmental applications of this technique in site characterization studies, contaminant studies, remediation, groundwater surveys, archeology and forensics. Exploration of field data acquisition and processing techniques at sites on and/or close to campus. This class includes a mandatory field component.
Pre-requisites: Applied Geophysics (26:460:406 or equivalent) or permission of instructor

Learning Objectives
• Comprehension of the theory of application of ground penetrating radar (GPR) in environmental studies
• Understanding of the link between geophysical properties controlling GPR signals and subsurface environmental parameters
• Understanding of field survey procedures in ground penetrating radar
• Competency running GPR instrumentation
• Ability to perform basic processing of GPR datasets using current software packages
• Able to provide an informed interpretation of processed GPR datasets