380:607 Seismic and Potential Field Environmental Geophysics

Instructor: Slater
Terms Taught: Fall
Credits: 3

Course Description
Overview of the theory, methodology, processing, and interpretation of the following environmental geophysics methods: seismic reflection/refraction, magnetics, and gravity. Focus on the environmental applications of these techniques in site characterization studies, remediation, groundwater surveys, and archeology. Introduction to field data acquisition and processing at a site close to campus. Note that the class involves a mandatory field component.
Pre-requisites: Applied geophysics and permission of instructor

Learning Objectives
• Comprehension of the theory of application of seismic and potential field techniques in environmental studies
• Understanding of the link between geophysical properties controlling seismic and potential field signals and subsurface environmental parameters
• Understanding of field survey procedures in seismic and potential field methods
• Competency running seismic and potential field instruments
• Ability to perform basic processing of seismic and potential field datasets using current software packages
• Able to provide an informed interpretation of processed seismic and potential field datasets