375:602 Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Instructor: Staff

Terms Taught: Fall
Credits: 3
Course Description


The principal focus of this course is to give an introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS) along with extensive hands-on experience with the ESRI ArcGIS software. Topics in this course include: data formats and sources; map design and visualization techniques; map projection, metadata, basic spatial analysis techniques, and web-GIS applications. In weekly lab sessions, students will also learn how to work with Arcmap to visualize geographic data, create maps, geocoding, query a GIS database, and perform spatial analysis using common analysis tools. During final weeks of the semester students will apply their acquired techniques to solve geographic problems using a systematic approach to specific projects. Application of GIS, locally and globally, will also be discussed through case studies. 
Pre-requisites:  Students should know how to use Windows-based software for file management and browsing.


Learning Objectives
• Describe the structure of ArcGIS software.
• Display geographic data.
• Query a GIS database.
• Edit geographic data.
• Associate tables using joins and relates.
• Create maps, reports, and graphs.