Instructor: Prof. Elzinga
Terms Taught: Spring co-listed with 460:401 Credits: 3

Course Description
This course focuses on the fundamental geochemical processes (e.g. mineral precipitation/dissolution, solution complexation, acid-base chemistry) that shape and transform the Earth's surface as a result of rock-water interactions, and associated impacts on the fate and transport of inorganic and organic contaminants in aqueous and geochemical environments. The use of geochemical modeling programs such as PHREEQC and MINTEQ is integrated into the curriculum to illustrate and reinforce key concepts, and to familiarize students with application of these codes for thermodynamic calculations on geochemical systems.  

Prerequisites: 21&62:460:322 and one year of chemistry, or permission of instructor.

Learning Objectives
The course aims to provide students with the basic knowledge required for the critical review and interpretation (both qualitative and quantitative) of environmental issues in geochemical settings.