Title Author Advisor Year
Biogenic gas bubble dynamics in a Northern peatland observed using electrical geophysical methods Neil Terry Lee D. Slater Oct 2016
An evaluation of the sensitivity of nuclear magnetic resonance measurements to hydraulic parameters of the vadose zone Sam Falzone Kristina Keating Jan 2016
Improving characterization of fractured rock using 3D cross-borehole electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) Judy Robinson Lee D. Slater May 2015
Characterization of atmospheric aerosols over the Southern Ocean Guojie Xu Yuan Gao Jan 2015
Characterization of summertime aerosols at Ny-Ålesund in the Arctic Jianqiong Zhan Yuan Gao May 2014
Geophysical characterization of subsurface biofuel contamination and biodegradation  Yves Robert Personna Lee D. Slater May 2013
A Geophysical Characterization and Monitoring Strategy for Determing Controls on Groundwater-Surface Water Exchange Regulating Contaminant Transport at the Hanford Kisa Mwakanyamale Lee D. Slater Oct 2012
Alternative Inversion Strategies to Resistivity Data for Targets with Sharp Boundaries Mehrez Elwaseif Lee D. Slater May 2012
Air pollution, Meteorolgy and Public health in New Jersey: Case Studies of Newark and the Meadowlands Dawn Roberts-Semple Yuan Gao May 2012
Geophysical Characterization of Biogeochemical Processes in the Subsurface Chi Zhang Lee D. Slater May 2012
Geophysical Estimation of Free-Phase Gas Content and Distribution in Peatlands Andrew D. Parsekian Lee D. Slater Oct 2011
Chemical Characterization of Urban Air Pollutants in Precipitation, Aerosols and Gas-Phases in Northeast New Jersey in the US East Coast Fei Song Yuan Gao May 2011
Metal Contamination in Critical Watershed in the Highlands Drainage Basin: Geochemistry and Degradation of Soil, Sediment and Water Quality Silvajini Gilchrist Alexander E. Gates Jan 2010
Chemical Kinetic and Molecular Genetic Study of Selenium Reduction By Enterobacetr cloacae SLD1a-1 Jincai Ma Nathan Yee Oct 2008
Hydraulic Anisotropy Characterization of Fracture-Dominated Media Using Azimuthal Self Potential DeBonne N. Wishart Lee D. Slater May 2008
High-Resolution Geophysical Imaging of Shallow-Water, Contaminated Wetlands: A Novel Application to Kearny Freshwater Marsh, New Jersey Meadowlands Nasser M. Mansoor Lee D. Slater Jan 2007
Investigating Geophysical Signatures of Microbial Cells, Processes, and Degradation: Implications for the Geophysical Monitoring of Microbial Activity and Degradation in the Subsurface Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis Lee D. Slater May 2006
Low Frequency Electrical Properties of Zero Valent Iron: Implications for Performance Monitoring of Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs) Yuxin Wu Lee D. Slater Oct 2006
Geoelectrical Properties of Peat in a Northern Peatland: Implications for Peat Basin Formation, Vegetation Patterning, Pool Formation, and Carbon Gas Evaluation Xavier Comas Lee D. Slater May 2005
Hydrothermal Alteration, Mass Transfer, and Magnetite Mineralization in Dextral Shear Zones, Western Hudson Highlands, NY Michael J. Kalczynski Alexander E. Gates May 2012
The Trans-Pacific Transport of Dust in 2007 - a MODIS/CALIOP Study Lu Wang  Yuan Gao May 2012
Identifying Spatial Variability in Hydraulic Redistribution Within an Oak-Pine Forest Using Resistivity Imaging Judith Robinson Lee D. Slater May 2011
Monitoring Tide-Induced Groundwater Exchange on a Barrier Island: An Integrated Study of Sandy Hook, Central New Jersey Moshood Oduwole Lee D. Slater May 2009
Summertime Urban Hewt Island in Newark, NJ and its Relationship with Urban Particulate Matter Christopher Thuman Yuan Gao May 2009
Lab-Scale Geophysical and Geochemical Investigations of Microbial Mediated Iron Sulfide Mineralization: Implications for Monitoring Bioremediation Techniques Yves Robert Personna Lee D. Slater Oct 2007
Ar/Ar Evidence for Early (700ma) Iapetan Oblique Divergence in the Highlands Region, NJ-NY-PA Rachel Price Alexander E. Gates Oct 2005
Induced Polarization Measurements on Unsaturated, Unconsolidated Sands Craig Aaron Ulrich Lee. D. Slater May 2005
An In Situ Study of Organic Contamination Using Induced-Polarization Elizabeth Spellerberg Granger Samuel Peavy May 2000

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