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The Division of Global Affairs (DGA) offers a master of science (M.S.) degree in global affairs in residence. It may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis. It is a multidisciplinary degree concerned with theoretically informed and problem-oriented approaches to transnational issues that interact with local issues.  The Master’s degree prepares students to work in the public and private international sectors, as well as in non-governmental organizations, foundations, and media companies focusing on global issues. For practitioners in the global arena including business professionals, government employees, security professionals including the military, and those who are presently employed or plan careers with international governmental and non-governmental organizations, the degree is an opportunity for career growth and professional development.

Thirty-Five (35) credits are required for the M.S. degree in Global Affairs. All students must complete:

  • Six Areas of Inquiry (AIs) courses; a B or higher grade (3.0)  must be earned for each course - 18 credits
    • Chosen from the following courses (6 out of the 8 possible choices): Ethics, Security, and Global Affairs; Global Governance; Human Security; Global Political Economy; International Law; International Business; Global Development/Environmental Issues; Human Rights and Mass Atrocities
  • One foundation course - Evolution of the Global System - 3 credits
  • One Colloquia Series with grades of Pass - 2 credits
  • One Research and Methodology course - 3 credit
  • Three elective courses - 9 credits;
  • Language requirement - no credit; Students must demonstrate at any time during their course of study at the DGA, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency in one language other than English


Time Limits
Students must complete their degrees within three years of admission into the M.S. program, regardless of whether students are part time or full time and regardless of whether they entered DGA with or without transfer credits. Students who fail to meet this deadline may be forced to withdraw from graduate studies at DGA.