All seminars are held on Fridays at 11:30 a.m., LSC II, Room 130




Jan. 27, 2023

Host: Dr. Zhang

OLEG GANG, Dept. of Chemical Engineering and of Applied Physics and Materials Science, Columbia University, New York, NY 

Programming Assembly and Transformation of Nanoscale Materials 


Feb. 3, 2023

Host: Dr. Prokopchuk

TIANNING DIAO, Dept. of Chemistry, New York University, NY

Nickel-Mediated Radical Pathways and Applications to Organic Synthesis

Feb. 17, 2023

Host: Dr. Liotta

ANDY STAMFORD, Chemistry Area, Deerfield Discovery & Development, NY



Feb. 24, 2023

Host: Drs. Lockard, Kucheryavy, Zhang

EMIL KHISAMUTDINOV, Dept. of Chemistry, Ball State University, Muncie, IN

RNA: Life's Versatile Molecule in Forms and Functions

Mar. 3, 2023

Host: Dr. Prokopchuk

PAUL CHIRIK Dept. of Chemistry, Princeton University, NJ

Catalysis with Earth-Abundant Elements and Our Hydrocarbon Future

Mar. 10, 2023

Host: Dr. Akopov

JIAN WANG,  Dept. of Chemistry, Wichita State University, KS


Mar. 24, 2023

Host: Dr. Akopov

JING LI, Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ 


Mar. 31, 2023

Host: Dr. Lockard

DUGAN HAYES, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI                           


Apr. 14, 2023

Host: Dr. Brenner-Moyer                

MARVIN PARASRAM, Dept. of Chemistry, New York University, NY



Apr. 21, 2023

Host: Dr. Jaekle

ROBERT COMITO, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Houston,  TX


Apr. 28, 2023


ZHENAN BAO, Dept. of Chemistry, Stanford University, CA