Research Faculty

Stacey Brenner-Moyer 
Synthetic Organic
Elena Galoppini 
Synthetic Organic
Huixin He 
Phillip Huskey 
Physical Organic
Frieder Jäkle 
Polymer & Organometallic
Frank Jordan 
Organic & Biochemistry
Colin Kinz-Thompson
Physical Chemistry & Biophysics
Roger Lalancette 
X-Ray Crystallography
Jenny Lockard
Michele Pavanello 
Piotr Piotrowiak 
Demyan Prokopchuk 
Inorganic & Organometallic
John Sheridan 
Inorganic & Organometallic
Michal Szostak 
Organic Chemistry
Fei Zhang 
Materials & Biochemistry

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Teaching Faculty

Karen Chaffee, Associate Teaching Professor 

Xinbo Lau, Lecturer Assistant Professor

Fina Liotta, Assistant Teaching Professor

Courtney Sobers Swindell, Assistant Teaching Professor


Emeritus Faculty

Richard Mendelsohn, Professor Emeritus 




Phone Number

Judy Slocum, Business Specialist Email 973-353-5452
Monika Dabrowski, Administrative Assistant Email 973-353-5329
Sophia Bautista Chinchay, Administrative Assistant Email 973-353-5173
Maria Araujo, Stockroom Manager Email 973-353-5816
Paulo Vares, Head Stock Clerk Email 973-353-5816
Roman Brukh, MS Facility Manager Email 973-353-5254
Nathan Rabideaux, Research Analyst Email 973-353-5579
Pavel Kucheryavy, Director NMR Spectroscopy Email 973-353-5040


NTT Criteria

Research NTT