Stacey Brenner-Moyer 
Synthetic Organic
Elena Galoppini 
Synthetic Organic
Huixin He 
Phillip Huskey 
Physical Organic
Frieder Jäkle 
Polymer & Organometallic
Frank Jordan 
Organic & Biochemistry
Roger Lalancette 
X-Ray Crystallography
Jenny Lockard
Richard Mendelsohn
Michele Pavanello 
Piotr Piotrowiak 
Demyan Prokopchuk 
Inorganic & Organometallic
John Sheridan 
Inorganic & Organometallic
Michal Szostak 
Organic Chemistry
Fei Zhang 
Materials & Biochemistry


Karen Chaffee, Associate Teaching Professor 

Xinbo Lau, Lecturer Assistant Professor

Fina Liotta, Assistant Teaching Professor

Courtney Sobers Swindell, Assistant Teaching Professor

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Staff Email Phone Number
Judy Slocum, Business Specialist Email 973-353-5452
Monika Dabrowski, Administrative Assistant Email 973-353-5329
Maria Araujo, Stockroom Manager Email 973-353-5816
Paulo Vares, Head Stock Clerk Email 973-353-5816
Roman Brukh, Instrument Specialist Email 973-353-5254
Nathan Rabideaux, Research Analyst Email 973-353-5579
Lazaros Kakalis, NMR Facility Manager Email 973-353-5040
Sophia Bautista Chinchay, Administrative Assistant  Email 973-353-5173


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