SEM Facility

The departmental facility is equipped with an ultra-high resolution field emission scanning electron microscope (Hitachi S-4800) with an EDS detector from EDAX. The STEM facility is managed by Dr. Nathan Rabideaux.

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STEM Facility
The EDS Analysis System coupled with S-4800 provides accurate and reproducible results for a wide range of applications.

The S-4800 SEM utilizes an electron beam accelerated at 500 V to 30 kV, and features a maximum resolution of 1 nm. Maximum magnification is 800,000X. For imaging, the SEM utilizes secondary, backscattered and transmission electron detectors. For digital storage and image processing the S-4800 uses an image capture system. The maximum size of a sample is 100 mm. The sample stage can rotate 360o and tilt from -5o to 70o.

For scheduling and rates for an analysis of outside samples please contact Dr. Nathan Rabideaux.