Infrared multi-photon dissociation is the technique of fragmenting parent ions by irradiating them with an infrared laser (CO² laser at 10.6 µm) inside the ICR cell.

Turn on the IR Laser by pressing the red on/off button on the IRMPD equipment.

Press the laser on/off button on the laser power controller.

The only tunable parameters for IRMPD operation are the IR Pulse Length and the IRMPD power. Typically the pulse length is set to 0.01-0.5s and the IRMPD laser power is 30-70%. These can be set directly from the In-Cell MSn tab.

The idea behind tuning is to maximize the overlap between the ions in the ICR cell and the laser beam. Since the laser fires into the center of the ICR cell Sidekick (located on the Analyzer tab) should be minimized for successful IRMPD operation, which is typically set around ±2.0 volts.


Infrared Multi-Photon Dissociation (IRMPD)