The Department of Chemistry offers undergraduate major and minor programs in chemistry along with graduate training (M.S. and Ph.D.) in a modern facility with state-of-the-art instrumentation. The undergraduate course of study for chemistry, certified by the American Chemical Society, prepares students for careers as chemists in pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer products industries, and for advanced training in top-ranked Ph.D. programs. Additionally, many chemistry graduates continue their education in medical, dental, or pharmacy schools.




At the graduate level, the faculty mentor students in cutting-edge research published in the most highly regarded international journals and documented in patents. The department features state-of-the art research facilities. Upon graduation, our students typically go on to postdoctoral appointments, desirable jobs in academia or in the chemical industry. The greater New York metropolitan area is home to a large number of chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Rutgers-Newark Chemistry Department supports Black Lives Matter movement

Right now, many across the country seek justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other Black people who have been senselessly murdered for the "crime" of being Black in America. The chemistry community is not exempt from the racism and discrimination that motivate these incidents, as seen in a recently deleted article in the scientific journal Angewandte Chemie. For information on what our Black colleagues and students face in the academy, you may want to follow the #BlackInTheIvory hashtag on Twitter. To promote an anti-racist environment requires work from everyone independently and as a community. READ MORE

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Colin Kinz-Thompson

Department News

Colin Kinz-Thompson Joins the Department of Chemistry in September 2020

His research aims to understand how underlying molecular fluctuations yield emergent biological function by studying the dynamics at the single-molecule level.

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Faculty in Beijing
Rutgers University - Newark Chemistry Department research faculty visits Peking University in Beijing, China for a Bilateral Symposium.
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Elena Galoppini

Elena Galoppini

Distinguished Professor

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Karen Chaffee

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Stacey Brenner-Moyer

Associate Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator

Colin Kinz-Thompson

Colin Kinz-Thompson

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