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Information for Current Students

For M.S. Students

M.S. credit requirements

Total 30 credits, students can choose from one of the following options

  • Course-only option: 30 course credits*
  • Research Internship option: 27 course credits + 3 Advanced Problem in Biology credits 
  • Research thesis option: 24 course credits + 6 experimental research credits + research thesis


Sample M.S. Course Curriculum     M.S. Degree Candidate Information


M.S. Program Coordinator and Advisor: Dr. Ching-On Wong


For Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. credit requirements

Total 60 credits: minimum 24 course credits + minimum 30 research credits

Completion of research dissertation


Sample Ph.D. Course Curriculum              Ph.D. Progression Guideline     

Graduate Mentor-Student Compact         Required Forms and Submission Guideline     

Qualifying Exam Information                    Ph.D. Degree Candidate Information


Pre-Qualifying Student Advisor: Dr. Nan Gao

Graduate Program Director: Dr. Haesun Kim


Graduate School-Newark (GSN)            GSN Catalog                   GSN Graduate Student Handbook       


Graduate students in cell culture room