Graduate Program in Biology: Master of Science (M.S.)

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Graduate Program in Biology


General Overview

The M.S. program in Cell and Molecular Biology provides students with the professional skills and knowledge that will be necessary for advancing their careers in biomedical science or pursuing higher degrees in graduate or medical schools.  We provide a fast-track 30-credits course only option which allows full-time students to complete the program in 3-4 semesters. Students interested in gaining research experience will have an option to participate in laboratory research through either the 3-credit research internship (Advanced Problem in Biology) or the 6-credit M.S. research thesis (Research in Biology) as part of the 30-credits requirement.  Students pursuing the M.S. research thesis option are encourage to meet with our M.S. Program Coordinator, Dr. Ching-On Wong to discuss their research lab options in their first semester.  These research options are great way to obtain research experiments for those students who are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. training and education in biomedical science. 


M.S. credit requirements

Total 30 credits, students can choose from one of the following options

  • Course-only option: 30 course credits*
  • Research Internship option: 27 course credits + 3 Advanced Problem in Biology credits 
  • Research thesis option: 24 course credits + 6 experimental research credits + research thesis

*In addition to courses offered by the CMB track at Rutgers, students can also take courses offered by the joint Biology Graduate Program at NJIT.  Please see the Sample CMB M.S. Curriculum below for the typical M.S. student progression and available course listing. 


Sample M.S. Curriculum


Funding opportunities for M.S. students

1. The Graduate School Newark (GSN) Fellowships and Grants:

Rutgers GSN offers a limited number of fellowships and grants for M.S. students.

  • Masters Students Tuition Awards
  • Graduate Student Travel Grant

For more information, please contact the GSN directly:


2. Funded Teaching Opportunity in the Department of Biological Sciences

Eligible M.S. students have an opportunity to teach undergraduate lab courses as a part-time-lecturer (PTL) in the Department of Biological Sciences.  The position is offered as needed basis.  If interested, please contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Haesun Kim. 


Application Requirements and Deadlines

All transcripts - GRE General (optional) - TOEFL (required for international students) - 3 letters of recommendation - Personal Statement (include description of previous research experience and current research interests) - Curriculum Vitae

M.S. deadline: August 1 for Fall admission and December 1 for Spring Admission



Questions?: Dr. Ching-On Wong, M.S. Program Coordinator