Rutgers Faculty

Areas of Research

Cell and Molecular Biology

Functional study of cells and their interactions.

Dr. Edward Bonder: Intracellular organelle motility, cellular dynamics of actin and microtubule cytoskeleton, tissue and organelle development.

Dr. Jean Pierre Etchegaray: DNA oxidations as epigenetic elements regulating cell fate identity. Transcriptional mechanisms triggering cancer initiation. Circadian rhythms and cancer-stem cells.

Dr. Nan Gao: Molecular events that control and/or disrupt mitotic cell division and epithelial polarity in mammalian development and disease.


Cellular Neurobiology

The study of the structure and functions of neurons and glia.

Dr. Wilma Friedman: Cellular mechanisms of neurotrophin actions on CNS neurons and glia during brain development and after injury.

Dr. Haesun Kim: Cellular and molecular biology of myelinating glial cells: Mechanism of signal transduction involved in axon-Schwann cell interaction. Molecular mechanism of cell fate determination in the developing peripheral nervous system.

Dr. Tracy S. Tran: The Tran lab investigates the cellular and molecular mechanisms of axonal guidance, dendritic morphogenesis and neural circuit formation. Our research aims to understand the molecular signaling involved in how neurons assume their diverse morphologies, the axons and dendrites, which enable the assembly of neural circuits required for complex behavior and cognitive function. The Tran lab is also interested to better understand and identify the molecular and genetic correlates of autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Ching-On Wong: Organellar biology, cell metabolism and bioenergetics in the contexts of nervous system function and neurodegenerative diseases. Major emphasis on how vesicular trafficking and inter-organellar signaling regulate and react to metabolic outputs and demands of neurons and glia.


Teaching Faculty

Dr. Rola Bekdash

Dr. Susan Seipel

Dr. Miguel Cervantes Cervantes


NJIT Faculty

Areas of Research


Interactions and dynamics of organisms and their environment.

Dr. Daniel E. Bunker

Dr. Simon J. Garnier

Dr. Gareth J. Russell


The patterns and processes responsible for generating biodiversity.

Dr. Phillip M. Barden

Dr. Brooke Flammang

Dr. Daphne F. Soares


Working to understand the properties and behavior of neural networks.

Dr. Dirk M. Bucher

Dr. Eric S. Fortune

Dr. Jorge P. Golowasch

Dr. Gal Haspel

Dr. Farzan Nadim:

Dr. Horacio G. Rotstein

Dr. Kristen E. Severi