Nan Gao was promoted to Full Professor and received an award for Excellence in Research from the University!

Jack Delucia received a fellowship from the NJ Governor’s Coouncil for Medical Research and Treatment of Autism  entitled "Neuropilin 2 regulates distinct cellular processes in different basal ganglia propulations necessary for complex behaviors in mice" for research in Tracy Tran's lab.

Grants awarded:

A new R21 grant was awarded to Jean-Pierre Etchegaray and Nan Gao entitled "TET-mediated DNA oxidations in mucosal innate defense"

Tracy Tran has received 2 grants, one from NSF and one from NIH.

Recent Publications and Notifications:

From the Etchegaray lab: Sorrentino et al: Hypomethylating Chemotherapeutic Agents as Therapy for Myelodysplastic Syndromes and Prevention of Acute Myeloid Leukemia, 2021 Jul 4;14(7):641. doi: 10.3390/ph14070641.PMID: 34358067 

From the Gao lab: Yu et al. "Paneth Cell-Derived Lysozyme Defines the Composition of Mucolytic Microbiota and the Inflammatory Tone of the Intestine", Immunity 53(2):398-416.  2020,

This study made headline news from NIH,

From the Tran lab: Eisenberg C, Subramanian D, Afrasiabi M, Ziobro P, DeLucia J, Hirschberg PR, ShiflettMW, Santhakumar V, Tran TS. (2021). Reduced Hippocampal Inhibition and EnhancedAutism-Epilepsy Comorbidity in Mice Lacking Neuropilin 2. Transl Psychiatry 11:537

From the Kim lab: Kim et al. "Mechanical stretch induces myelin protein loss in oligodendrocytes by activating Erk1/2 in a calcium‐dependent manner, Glia 68 (10): 2070-2085,

From the Friedman lab:  Zanin, J.P. and W.J. Friedman, p75NTR prevents the onset of cerebellar granule cell migration via RhoA activation, eLife,, 2022

From the Wong lab:  Karagas, N.E. R. Gupta, E. Rastegari, K.L.Tan, H.H.Leung, H.J. Bellen, K. Venkatachalam, Ching-On Wong, Loss of Activity-Induced Mitochondrial ATP Production Underlies the Synaptic Defects in a Drosophila Model of ALS,  Journal of Neuroscience 8 September 2022, JN-RM-2456-21; DOI: 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.2456-21.2022,