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Program Description

The goal of the Biology Graduate Program is to provide students with the research, critical-thinking and communication skills required for a successful career as a scientist.  The MS program provides students with professional skills and knowledge which are necessary for advancing their careers in science and/or to pursue higher degrees in graduate or medical schools.   The MS program also offers research opportunities to students interested in experimental research training.

Degree offered: MS (part-time and full-time)

Degree credit requirements  (30 credits)

Bibliographic thesis: 27 course credits + 3 bibliographic research credits

Experimental thesis: 24 course credits + 6 experimental research credits

Thesis options

Students can fulfill the written thesis requirement either by conducting experiment-based or bibliographic research.  An important step to successfully complete the thesis requirement is early identification of a thesis advisor when entering the program such that proper planning is in place to complete research requirement in a timely and effective manner.  To view the list of research active faculty in the Biology Graduate Program, click here.

Experimental thesis option: Students selecting the experiment-based research thesis must successfully complete a minimum of 24 credits of course work and 6 credits in Research in Biology (26:120:701, 702). 

Bibliographic thesis option: Students selecting the bibliographic thesis option much successfully complete a minimum of 27-credits of course work and 3 credits in Advanced Problem in Biology.

Our current M.S. Program Coordinator is:

Ching-On Wong,

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