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The M.Sc. Program in  Biology provides training and research opportunities that reflect the diverse interests of our Graduate Faculty from NJIT and Rutgers-Newark. Students develop the knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to pursue a myriad of careers in biomedical, ecological, and evolutionary sciences. The program is designed to foster understanding of foundational and advanced concepts in the biological sciences, and the analytical skills necessary to examine evidence critically. 

Training & Research

The program offers training in three tracks, reflecting the research strengths of the department: 

  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Ecology and Evolution
  • Neurobiology

Because of the complexity of biological sciences, training necessarily includes interdisciplinary approaches incorporated from other physical sciences and mathematics.

For more detailed information about the research projects, investigators, and labs, please consult the research pages on this site. The M.Sc. guidelines can be found here :

Our current M.S. Program Coordinators are:

Dirk Bucher, Ph.D.,

Angelo Soto Centeno, Ph.D.,


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