Welcome to the Federated Departments of Biological Sciences, a collaboration between Rutgers University-Newark and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

The past decade has witnessed tremendous advances in the biological sciences and our Departments have developed a strategic plan to meet the changing needs of our students and our society. We recognize the contribution biology makes to a strong liberal arts education and understand the needs of its majors who are entering a world more biologically complex and sophisticated than a decade ago.

How You Will Learn

Undergraduate students in the program choose courses from among a wide range of research fields to both develop a solid foundation in biology and to build meaningful depth of study in areas of personal interest. In addition to formal lecture and lab courses, students have many opportunities for independent study through seminar courses and research with our outstanding faculty.

Graduate students can choose an MS or PhD program. Both programs stress the importance of the research experience and its value to critical thinking. Students choose from three research tracks, each with course requirements that aim to build depth of study in specific focal areas: Cellular and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Evolution, and Neurobiology.

Biological Sciences

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Bird Banding with Dr. Claus Holzapfel

Biological Sciences Chair Dr. Claus Holzapfel takes us through the process of tracking our urban greenery's impact on the  migratory bird species that stop-over our campus each day.

Dr. Claus Holzapfel


Darshan Desai

Darshan Desai

University Lecturer, Director, Pre-health Programs/Pre-health Advisor, Office of the Provost, NJIT

Wilma Friedman

Wilma Friedman

Professor - Cell Neurobiology

Claus Holzapfel

Claus Holzapfel

Associate Professor, Chair - Ecology