All of the standard application materials should be sent to the Graduate School-Newark Amissions Office. The Personal Statement is not optional. This is where you tell us who you are, what you’ve been doing lately, and why you want to join our program.

In addition, all applicants will need to submit the following to Dr. Lewis Porter via email:

1. One research or analysis paper on any topic as a writing sample. An undergraduate paper is fine, and it does not even have to be about music–the point is to show that you write well in English.

2. A short recording of your playing any kind of music (classical is fine) to demonstrate your level of musical competence.

3. A page of sheet music that they have written or transcribed to demonstrate knowledge of notation. It need not be transcribed–we will teach you how to do that. That is only mentioned as an option. It can be anything that you wrote out by hand or in Finale. The point is to show that you are familiar with notation.

If you are not a musician simply send an email explaining that to Dr. Henry Martin.

The above three items can be emailed to Dr. Henry Martin at

If you need to use snail mail for the above, write to:
Professor Henry Martin
110 Warren St. Room 213
Rutgers University
Newark, NJ 07102

Applications and relevant catalog pages may be downloaded at

The program code is 26.561. The financial aid application (for loans only) is online as well. You may request to have the materials mailed to you at

Or call 973-353-5205 to order the Graduate School Application and Financial Aid Application.

Ask for Jennifer Nyeste, or contact her at or at 5205, ext. 24.

There is no separate application for this program but as noted above you will need to send a paper, a recording and sheet music in addition to the standard requirements (application form, transcripts, three letters of reference, and a personal statement as to why you are applying).