Major in Art: Specialization in Art History

Curriculum and Requirements

Updated 27 June 2016

Required Studio Courses       (Select 2 Courses: 6 Credits)                                             Credits

080:102                               Design Fundamentals                                                             3

080:103                               3-D Design Fundamentals                                                     3

080:121                               Introduction to Drawing                                                         3

080:251                               Introduction to Painting                                                         3

080:261                               Introduction to Photography                                                 3


Required Art History Foundation Courses(6 Credits)                                                     Credits

082:101                               Introduction to Art History I                                                    3

082:102                               Introduction to Art History II                                                  3

Required Upper-Level Art History Courses(6 Credits)                                                    Credits

082:350                               Development of Modern Art                                                    3

082:360                               Art Since 1945                                                                             3

Art History AcM Requirement*(3 Credits from the following, in consultation with advisor)     Credits

080:285                               Seminar in Contemporary Art                                                  3

089:256                               Art and History of Film                                                              3

089:304                               Convergence                                                                                 3

089:309                               Imagery & Culture                                                                      3


Art History Senior Seminar   (6 Credits)                                                                       Credits

082:497                               Senior Seminar in Art History I                                               3

082:498                               Senior Seminar in Art History II                                              3


Art History Specialization Courses (21 Credits)

21 Credits of Art History (082) Courses, 200-Level or above, in consultation with advisor–some courses in other programs and departments may be used with advisor’s approval





AcM Departmental Requirements(6 additional Credits)                                                  Credits

083:101                               Introduction to Art, Media and Culture                                              3

083:301 or 401                     Colloquium or Seminar in Art, Media and Culture                        3


*Formerly referred to as the “Critical Studies Requirement.”  After Art History AcM Requirement is met, other courses in this selection may be used as Elective Courses for Major.