Fine Art, Theater, Graphic Design, Music, Art History, Journalism & Video Production - these are the disciplines that encompass the Department of Arts, Culture & Media.


With a faculty that includes nationally and internationally recognized scholars and artists, the Department of Arts, Culture and Media offers innovative courses with an emphasis on integration in the arts and the campus's urban mission of community engagement.

In addition to the opportunity to combine academic study with hands-on class experience, students benefit enormously from the department's internship programs as well as ACM's vital role at Express Newark. The internship programs, which provide entry-level professional contacts, draw upon the richness of Newark's cultural institutions such as the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Newark Museum, Prudential, The Star Ledger, and New Jersey Television Network as well as the opportunities offered by the rest of Northern New Jersey and especially New York City.

Express Newark, housed in the iconic Hahne building on Halsey Street provide students with the opportunity to work with Newark community groups, non-profit organizations, cultural institutions, and gain experience on special projects. A conceptual framework and an interdisciplinary learning space, Express Newark houses the Newest Americans; the Form Design Studio; the Design Consortium; Visual Means; Shine Portrait Studio; the Community Media Center; the Paul Robeson Galleries; and many many resident artists in printmaking, photography, painting and video and other disciplines.

Some ACM classes are held in Express Newark and the ACM Academic Video program makes its home in Express Newark.

Finally, Arts, Culture Media maintains another website that profiles student work and each major in more depth.


The Department of Arts, Culture, and Media's overall educational aim is to develop analytically adept cultural observers and contributors to our collective creative communities.
Professor Ned Drew