The Department of Art, Culture, Media which is housed in 110 Warren St. and Express Newark at the Hahne building is the home to Fine Art, Art History, Graphic Design, Journalism, Video Production, Photography, Theater, and Music.

Within these pages you will discover more about these programs and the Department of Arts, Culture, Media in general. There are links to some of our resources as well as course listings and faculty.

For further discovery, you can visit the external site that the department hosts as well as the website for Express Newark.


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Dr. Rachel Mundy

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Rachel Mundy, Professor of Music selected for Scholarly Excellence Award by Rutgers Board of Trustees

Dr. Mundy is one of six newly promoted, tenured faculty members who are recognized with this award for their exceptional research accomplishments.


Jennifer Bernstein

Jennifer Bernstein

Associate Professor

Rachel Mundy

Rachel Mundy

Associate Professor of Music

Colleen O'Neal

Colleen O'Neal

Part-Time Lecturer