The General American Studies Track prepares those students who may wish to go on to a PhD in American Studies or another field through classes in the history, theories, and methods of American Studies and an original research project.

Learning Goal 1:  Train students in the theory and methodology of interdisciplinary study and to develop research skills enabling them to draw upon, and eventually contribute to, the collections, archives, and resources of the universities and cultural institutions of the region.

Learning Goal 2: Foster new scholarship that contributes to the advancement of understanding of American civilization's heterodox identities, institutions, and cultures.

Learning Goal 3: Encourage the original and creative articulation of research and scholarly contributions to diverse audiences, including other scholars in the academy; undergraduate and graduate students; scholars and professionals in cultural institutions in the public sector; and the general public, through a variety of media.

Masters General Track Graduation Requirements:

  1. Concepts and Interpretations of American Studies (3 credits)

  2. Methodological Approaches to American Studies (3 credits)

  3. One course in public humanities, chosen in consultation with the program director (3 credits)

  4. Major Interdisciplinary Area (12 credits)

  5. Elective work in other disciplines or interdisciplinary fields (6 credits)

  6. Thesis Option: (6 credits) or an additional 6 credits in electives


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