The Africana Studies major/minor is geared towards both the scholarly and the working world. We aim to produce graduates who are ready for advanced graduate study in the humanities or social sciences; we also aim to produce professionals who can work in a variety of fields that require an understanding of the history and cultures of African and African-descended peoples. Our major and minor can be used in a broad array of fields, such as marketing; journalism; education; and the arts. In future we hope to establish internships for our majors, where they can apply their scholarly knowledge to a particular career.

Flexibility is a key characteristic of our program. Africana Studies majors have a wide array of courses to choose from, and may also take courses in other departments as a way to fulfill electives in their major. Additionally, some of the courses in Africana Studies may be taken for credit towards a major or minor in another department. The Department of Africana Studies is dedicated to giving our students the most expansive education possible, and for this reason we allow our students a range of course options, both from within and outside of the department. Several of our courses are also offered during the evening.


Thirty-six credits (36) are required for a major in Africana Studies.

The following courses (21 credits) are required:
21:014:111, 112 – Introduction to Africana Studies
21:014:305 – Black Women in the United States
21:014:306 – Comparative Race Relations
21:014:*** – Literature of Africa and/or Caribbean
***The following courses are examples of what will fulfill this requirement: 014:304,358,370; 350:256,356; 352:395,396 
21:014:396 – The African-American Community
21:014:412 – Senior Seminar

Fifteen (15) additional credits in electives are required for completion of the major.


Eighteen (18)  credits will be required for a minor:

21:014:111,112 – Introduction to Africana Studies
4 Electives in Africana Studies (12 credits, 014 prefix or related areas)