Generally, once you have matriculated at Rutgers, you cannot take courses at other universities. However, we make exceptions for local universities that are more demanding than Rutgers – Columbia, Princeton, and NYU, although if there is a specific course you would like to take, you should see an advisor to find out if it can be accepted. Courses at New Brunswick are somewhat more likely to be accepted, but they must also be approved on a case-by-case basis.

You must get a C or higher for a course to count toward the history major or minor requirements. Rutgers allows students to retake courses in which they got a D or an F, but there is no guarantee that a specific course will be offered again. If you retake a course, this new grade replaces the old one in your GPA, but the old course still appears on your transcript.

Important email announcements are circulated to history majors and minors through Rutgers Automated Mass-mailing System. Once you have declared history as your major/minor, you are automatically added to the appropriate mailing list. However, in order to receive messages, your email address must be correct in the Rutgers system. To ensure your information is correct, check the Personal Information Update page. (You can also use this page to update your home address and telephone number.)