Special Topics: Black Religions 
Prof. Wendell Marsh
Mondays 6-9pm (Synchronous Remote via Canvas)

Taking a comparative religions approach, this course explores diverse African and African Diasporic religious expressions. It offers overviews of distinct traditions such as Orisha-Ifa, Christianity, Islam, Candomblé, Buddhism, Rastafarianism, and Humanism as well as their relationships to one another. It also considers forms of Black worship and religiosity beyond easily identifiable “religions.” Through deep and critical reading as well as intensive writing on this topic, students will develop a critical awareness about the category of religion as it relates to Black life.

African American Law and the Courts: Racism and US Government
Prof. James Jones
Tuesdays 2:30-5:20pm (Synchronous Remote via Canvas)

This course investigates how the United States government has created and maintained our racial world. First, it excavates how racism was a crucial element in American political development that shaped how “democratic” institutions were created and organized. Next, it explores how these racialized governing institutions have created and sustained an enduring racial caste system. Specifically, this course focuses on how the federal government has created racial categories and then consequently rewarded and punished individuals based upon these racial classifications. Finally, this course considers if and how racial justice can be achieved within the racialized political system.