Author Publications
Belinda Edmondson

Creole Noise: Early Caribbean Dialect Literature and Performance (forthcoming, Oxford University Press)

Caribbean Middlebrow: Leisure Culture and the Middle Class (Cornell University Press 2009)

Making Men (Duke University Press 1999)

Caribbean Romances: The Politics of Regional Representation (University of Virginia Press 1999)

James Jones

"Racing through the Halls of Congress: The 'Black Nod' as an Adaptive Strategy for Surviving a Raced Institution" (Du Bois Review 2017)

"Racial Diversity Among Top Senate Staff" (Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies 2015)

John Keene

Playland (Seven Kitchens Press 2016)

GRINDwith photographs by Nicholas Muellner (ITI Press 2016)

Counternarratives (New Directions, 2015; Fitzcarraldo Editions, UK 2016; Éditions Cambourakis, France 2016)

Letters from a Seducer, by Hilda Hilst, translated from the Portuguese (Nightboat Books and A Bolha Editora 2014)

Seismosis, with artwork by Christopher Stackhouse (chapbook, Center for Book Arts 2003; full version, 1913 Press 2006)

Annotations (New Directions 1995)

Charles M. Payne

So Much Reform, So Little Change (Harvard Education Publishing Group, 2008)

Teach Freedom: The African American Tradition of Education For Liberationco-edited with Carol Sills Strickland (Teachers College Press, 2008)

Time Longer Than Rope: A Century of African American Activism, 1850 -1950, co-edited with Adam Green  (NYU Press, 2003)

I've Got the Light of Freedom: The Organizing Tradition in the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement (University of California Press, 1995)

Debating the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1968 (Rowman & Littlefield, 1999)

Getting What We Ask For:  The Ambiguity of Success and Failure In Urban Education (Greenwood Publishing, 1984)

Clement A. Price

Memories of the Enslaved: Voices from the Slave Narratives co-edited with Spencer Crew and Lonnie Bunch (Praeger 2015)   

Slave Culture: A Documentary Collection of the Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project co-edited with Spencer Crew and Lonnie Bunch (Greenwood 2014)   

Many Voices, Many Opportunities: Cultural Pluralism and American Arts Policy (Americans for the Arts 1994)

Freedom Not Far Distant: A Documentary History of Afro-Americans in New Jersey (Collections of the New Jersey Historical Society 1980)

Melissa Valle

"Listening is not enough: Mistrust and local news in urban and suburban Philly" with A. Wenzel, A. Nadler, M.L. Hill (Columbia Jounalism Review, 2018)

"Revealing the Ruse: Shifting the narrative of colorblind urbanism" (“Spotlight on Race, Justice and the City” issue,  International Journal of Urban and Regional Research 2017)

"The discursive detachment of race from gentrification in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia" (Ethnic and Racial Studies 2017)

"Afro-descendant migrants in Santiago, Chile: Stigma processes & rhetorical resistance." (Revista de Trabajo Social de la Escuela de Trabajo Social de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 2014)  in English and Spanish

"Afro-Latina/o authors" (Encyclopedia of Latino culture: From calaveras to Quinceañeras 2013)