Xi Chen

Xi Chen


xi.chen1234 [at] rutgers.edu




Research Interests:

Wetlands/Peatlands geophysics, Methane cycling in wetlands


B.Eng. in Geographic Information System, China University of Geosciences, 2009

M.Sc in Geophysics, Institute of Crustal Dynamics, 2012

Ph.D. in Geographic Information System, Beijing Normal University, 2016


1. Chen, et al (2018), A Lumped Bubble Capacitance Model Controlled by Matrix Structure to Describe Layered Biogenic Gas Bubble Storage in Shallow Subtropical Peat, Water Resources Research.

2. Chen, et al (2017), Methane emission through ebullition from an estuarine mudflat: 2. Field observations and modeling of occurrence probability, Water Resources Research, 53(8), 6439–6453.

3. Chen and Slater (2016), Methane emission through ebullition from an estuarine mudflat: 1. A conceptual model to explain tidal forcing based on effective stress changes, Water Resources Research, 52(6), 4469–4485.

4. Chen and Slater (2015), Gas bubble transport and emissions for shallow peat from a northern peatland: the role of pressure changes and peat structure, Water Resources Research, 51(1), 151–168.