Steven Sung-Hak Kang

Steven Sung-Hak Kang


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427 Conklin Hall


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Department of Philosophy

Conklin Hall 

175 University Avenue

Newark, NJ  07102


Courses Taught

Dr. Kang has been teaching in diverse areas: Theoretical and Applied Ethics, Formal and Informal Logic, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion and Introductory Philosophy. Believing in the exceptional efficacy of philosophy as a discipline in nurturing analytically rigorous and critical mindset, he structures his courses with the emphasis on doing "Reconstruction and Evaluation" of arguments. He is working on a book titled "The Art of Critical Reasoning."

Research Initiatives

Dr. Kang locates his primary research interests in Ethical and Political Philosophy. In particular, he has been concerned with exploring the legitimate extent to which moral choice may be rendered to be a function of rational choice when multiple value commitments are in conflict with one another; and also with finding the proper balance between equity and efficiency in the issue of social distributive justice. His other interests are in Philosophy of Religion with the questions on coherence of divine attributes and existence, ideas and limits of theodicy, and epistemic nature of faith and spiritual experiences.


Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin.

M.A. & M.Phil., Columbia University 

B.A., Sogang University 


2005, Moral Axiomatics: Relevance of Social Choice Theory to Ethical Theory Presented at the 5th European Congress for Analytical Philosophy (ECAP5) Lisbon, Portugal, August

2003, Free Will and Distributive Justice Philosophia, 31: 1-2 (October), pp. 107-126. 
The Molinist Solution to the Dilemma of Divine Foreknowledge and Human Freedom: A Critical Appraisal Mimeo