Sina Saneiyan

Sina Saneiyan


s.saneiyan [at]



Field of Study: Near surface geophysics / Biogeophysics

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis

Research Interests: Near surface geophysics (SIP) and Bio-mediated Soil Improvement (MICP)


SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicist) 2017 Near Surface Research Award for best research proposal

SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicist) 2016 Student Chapter Outreach
Grant for project: "Hydrogeophysics workshop by Rutgers University"


B.Sc. in Mining Engineering - Mining Exploration, University of Tehran, 2011

M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering - Drilling and Completion, Shahrood University of Technology, 2014


Saneiyan, S., D. Ntarlagiannis, J. Ohan, J. Lee, F. Colwell and S. Burns, (2019), Induced polarization as a monitoring tool for in-situ microbial induced carbonate precipitation (MICP) processes, Ecological Engineering, 127, 36-47,

Saneiyan, S., D. Ntarlagiannis, D. Dale Werkema, and A. Ustra (2018), Geophysical methods for monitoring soil stabilization processes, J. Appl. Geophys., 148, 234–244, ISSN 0926-9851,

Saneiyan, S., Ntarlagiannis, D., Werkema, D., 2015, "Geophysical Monitoring of Soil Stabilization Processes", American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Dec. 14 - 18, San Francisco, U.S.

Saneiyan, S., Rasulimanesh, R., Tokhmechi, B., Rasouli, V., Alooki Bakhtiari, H., 2014 "Define an equation to determine the relationship among pressure drop, temperature and injection rate of brine in carbonate cores of an oil field in west of Iran", 5th Iranian Mining Conference, Sep 22-24, Tehran, Iran.

Najari, M., Saneiyan, S., 2014, "IP and Resistivity data combining copper exploration in the Shahrood area", 16th Iranian Geophysics Conference, May 13-15, Tehran, Iran.

Najari, M., Saneiyan, S., 2014, "Combining geophysical and geological data for the exploration of metal (copper)", 32nd Symposium and 1st international Specialized Geology, Feb 16-19, Tehran, Iran.

Mehrgini, B., Saneiyan, S., 2012, "Evaluating the role of data clustering on improving shear wave prediction in Asmari", 4th Iranian Mining Conference, Sep 24-26, Tehran, Iran.

Sarparandeh, M.A., Saneiyan, S., Mehrgini, B., 2011, "Evaluation of various methods’ proficiency for prediction of hydrocarbon saturation in the reservoir part of Asmari formation in an oil field in south west of Iran", 8th Iranian Student Mining Conference, Oct 3-5, Tehran, Iran.