Samuel Falzone

Samuel Falzone


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Research interests:
My research has focused on developing physical relationships between geophysical measurements and hydrogeological processes as a means to characterize groundwater resources. While most of my work to date has involved groundwater resources, I have more recently worked on projects related to natural resource characterization, archaeology, and remediation. My current research involves developing an understanding of how electrical geophysical characteristics relate to the hydrology of rock layers in an effort to understand the nature of contaminant movement through porous media.



2014 Doctoral Dissertation Award
2012 New Jersey Water Resource Research Institute (NJWRRI) Research Grant
2012 Magritek, Inc. Travel Grant             
2012 SEG/Chevron Leadership Symposium, SEG, 2012, Las Vegas, NV   
2011 Graduate Student Government Society (GSGA) Travel Grant


PhD, Environmental Geology, Rutgers University, Newark, 2016

BS, Environmental Science, Lehigh University, 2004


Falzone, S. and K. Keating (2016) The NMR relaxation response of unconsolidated sediments during drainage and imbibition. Vadose Zone Journal 15(6).

Falzone, S. and K. Keating (2016) Algorithms for removing surface water signals from surface NMR infiltration surveys. Geophysics 81(4). WB97WB107.

Falzone, S. and K. Keating (2016) A numerical and laboratory study to determine the effect of pore size, surface relaxivity, and saturation on NMR relaxation measurements. Near Surface Geophysics 14(1). 5769.

Falzone, S. (2016) An Evaluation of the Sensitivity of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Measurements to Hydraulic Parameters of the Vadose Zone. Dissertation, Rutgers UniversityNewark.