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Ruth Feldstein


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Research Interests: United States history, with a focus on 20th-century transnational culture and politics, women's and gender history, and African American history.  

Ruth Feldstein is Professor of History and American Studies at Rutgers University, Newark. Her scholarship and teaching bring together women’s and gender history, African American history, and cultural history across borders. She teaches undergraduate courses on the history of US Popular Culture, the civil rights movement, and Black women’s history (among others) and graduate seminars on the history of Cultural History, Transnational
Cultural History, Introduction to American Studies, and African American history. She is the author of Motherhood in Black and White: Race and Sex in American Liberalism, 1930-1965, an intellectual and cultural history of liberalism from the New Deal to the Great Society, and the award-winning How It Feels to Be Free: Black Women Entertainers and the Civil Rights Movement, which tells the story of six Black women performers and their critical importance to both the civil rights movement and women’s liberation. She was associate producer for the Emmy-nominated documentary, How It Feels to Be Free, based on her book. 

Courses Taught

American Popular Cultures, 1890-1945
American Popular Cultures, 1945-2001
African American Women's History, Slavery-Present
History of Sexuality in the U.S., 1900-Present

Introduction to American Studies: Scope and Methods
Narrating Race:  Research Seminar on “Race” and American Studies
The United States in the 1960s and 70s: Interdisciplinary Approaches to a Contested Period, graduate research seminar,
American Popular Cultures: Research Seminar


Ph.D., Brown University, 1996. 


United States history, with focus on 20th-century culture and politics; women's and gender history; and African American history