Ramona Ross

Ramona Ross


ramross [at] psychology.rutgers.edu

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I encourage my students to develop a growth mindset and to focus their efforts on becoming strong scholars.  I emphasize community building in my courses and throughout my work in our department.  My training and educational background is in School Psychology.  As such, I approach my teaching from a place that emphasizes the real world application of the field of psychology.  My courses also explore the intersectionality of social justice issues within our field.

Courses Taught

Community Psychology: This course introduces the background and content of community mental health and community psychology.  There is a particular emphasis on our understanding of cross-cultural competence and the influence of this on community psychology and community mental health interventions.

Stereotyping, Prejudice, & Discrimination: This course explores the psychological nature of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination (SPD) and how these entities are expressed in society (both historically and currently). This course also addresses the social cognitive processes underlying SPD.

Psychopathology of Childhood: This course explores psychopathology among children and adolescents through addressing the etiology of said psychopathology, as well as how professionals intervene to treat/prevent these disorders.  

Psychology of Adolescence: This course explores all aspects of human development throughout the stage of adolescence. The course covers adolescent behavior, in addition to the physical, psychological, cognitive, and social development challenges this population faces.

Abnormal Psychology: This course explores psychopathology by addressing probable causes, and usual behavioral manifestations. Theories of pathology and research techniques employed in the investigation of abnormality are also emphasized.

Associated Programs

Psychology Professional of Tomorrow – Founder/Director

A mentorship initiative aimed at supporting underrepresented students who want to pursue practitioner-oriented graduate programs (i.e. students who want to become therapists).  Through a partnership with the RU-N’s Graduate School (Dean Taja-Nia Henderson) and the Bringing Theory to Practice “The Way Forward” grant, programming is provided to assist undergraduate students for this next step.

Psi Chi – Co-Advisor

Dr. Zambrano-Varghese and I co-advise the RU-N chapter of the Psi Chi honor society, a student run organization.  Follow our social media (@runpsichi) to stay up to date on upcoming programming and information on how to become a member.