Nancy Holmstrom

Nancy Holmstrom


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Though Dr. Homstrom's current research and teaching interests lie in the areas of social and political philosophy, her first philosophical interests were in metaphysics and the philosophy of mind. Her dissertation, with Jaegwon Kim, was entitled Identities, States and the Mind Body Problem. Before coming to Rutgers University in Newark, she taught at the University of Wisconsin in Madison and she has taught at several other universities.

Her early publications were in the areas of metaphysics and philosophy of mind (“A Dualistic Identity Theory,” and “Comments on a Version of Physicalism”). After that, she wrote two articles connecting the problem of free will to human freedom in general, (“Firming Up Soft Determinism” and “Free Will and a Marxist Concept of Natural Wants”), beginning her shift in research interests. She has published numerous articles on core concepts in social and political philosophy in addition to freedom, including women’s nature/human nature (“Do Women Have a Distinct Nature?,” “A Marxist Theory of Women’s Nature,” and “Humankind(s)” et al), rationality (“Rationality and Revolution,” “Rationality, Solidarity and Public Goods” et al), and exploitation ( “Exploitation,” “Marx and Cohen on Exploitation and the Labor Theory of Value”). She is currently working on the concept of security and its connection to public goods.

She has edited two books Not For Sale: In Defense of Public Goods (with Anatole Anton and Milton Fisk) Westview 2000, and The Socialist Feminist Project: A Contemporary Reader in Theory and Politics, Monthly Review 2002.

She gives papers regularly at conferences, including the World Congress of Philosophy in Istanbul in 2003 and the International Association of Women Philosophers in Goteborg, Sweden in 2004. She was a founding member of the Society for Women in Philosophy and the Radical Philosophy Association.


Ph.D. University of Michigan

B.A. City College of New York, C.U.N.Y.