Mihaela Glamoclija

Mihaela Glamoclija


m.glamoclija [at] rutgers.edu



Office Location

101 Warren Street,
Smith Hall Room 138
Newark, New Jersey, 07102

Field of Specialization: Geomicrobiology

My research focuses on investigations of microbial systems living in extreme environments. I am curious about the ways in which life interacts with the environment and the mechanisms that it uses to thrive under the extremes. The analytical techniques applied in most of the projects tie together the disciplines of mineralogy, biogeochemistry and molecular biology. Such multidisciplinary approach is the best way to understand ecology of microbial systems and obtain a closer look into the mechanisms microbes use to survive in a salty desert, within a hydrothermal system, or deep under the surface. Moreover, detail understanding of present-day environments offers one of the few links and contexts we can use to understand environments from the geological past. My main research interest is characterization of biosignatures that can resist geologic time. I am also very interested in planetary sciences and astrobiology, and my research field sites are investigated as terrestrial analogs to equivalent environments on other planets, such as Mars and Europa.


PhD International Research School of Planetary Sciences, Universitá G. d’Annunzio, Chieti-Pescara, Italy, 2005

BSc/MS University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2000


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