Michele Pavanello

Michele Pavanello


m.pavanello [at] rutgers.edu



Office Location

Life Science Center 201F - Chemistry Office
Smith 212 - Physics Chair Office

Research Initiatives

The Pavanello group specializes in the development of electronic structure methods based on Density-Functional Theory (DFT). We use our methods to model an array of phenomena relevant to chemistry and
materials research, with emphasis on dynamics of heat, charge, and electronic excitation energy across material's interfaces and biosystems.


  • Rutgers Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research (2020)
  • Rutgers Board of Trustees Research Fellowship for Scholarly Excellence (2018)
  • ACS OpenEye Junior Faculty Award (2016)
  • NSF CAREER (2016)
  • ACS PRF (2014)


University of Pisa [1998 - 2004, MS]

Ph.D. University of Arizona (2010)

Postdoctoral Fellow, Leiden University, Netherlands. Marie Curie Fellowship


Computational and Theoretical Physics, Theoretical Chemistry