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Mayte Green-Mercado received her BA in History from the University of Puerto Rico, and her PhD from the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago, specializing in Islamic Studies. Before coming to Rutgers, she was Assistant Professor of Mediterranean Studies in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. She is currently Assistant Professor of History at Rutgers-Newark, where she teaches courses on Islamic Civilization, Islamic history in Spain and North Africa, and early modern Mediterranean history. Her courses deal with questions of religion, politics, identity, and race and ethnicity in the medieval and early modern periods. 

Courses Taught

History of Islamic Civilization to 1500

Al-Andalus: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in Medieval Iberia

Race, Ethnicity, and Religion in the Early Modern Mediterranean

Malta and the Mediterranean World (Study Abroad Program in Malta)

Western Civilization, I (Changchun, China)



Visions of Deliverance. Moriscos and the Politics of Prophecy in the Early Modern Mediterranean (Cornell University Press, December 2019)

Guest Editor Special Issue:

Speaking the End Times: Early Modern Politics from Iberia to Central Asia, Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient (JESHO) 61 (2018).

Journal Articles:

"Speaking the End Times: Early Modern Politics from Iberia to Central Asia: An Introduction," JESHO 61 (2018): 1-17.

"Morisco Prophecies at the French Court (1602-1607)." JESHO 61 (2018): 91-123.

"The Mahdi in Valencia: Messianism, Apocalypticism, and Morisco Rebellions in Late Sixteenth-Century Spain." Medieval Encounters 19 (2013): 193-220.

Peer-Reviewed Chapters:

"Ethnic Groups in Renaissance Spain." In A Companion to the Spanish Renaissance. Edited by Hilaire Kallendorf, 121-140. Leiden, Brill: 2019.