Luis Rivera

Luis Rivera


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Office Location

Rutgers University, Psychology Department101 Warren Street, Newark, NJ 07102Smith Hall Room 327

Office Hours

Th 8:00AM-8:45AM

Research Initiatives

My research program identifies and examines the social cognitive processes that underlie attitudes toward groups (stereotyping, prejudice) and the self (self-stereotyping, self-esteem), and when do such attitudes lead to behavioral outcomes (discrimination, health, performance). Current projects mainly focus on addressing the following research questions: (a) what is the role of different psychological motivations in stereotyping and prejudice? (b) what are the consequences of stereotyping and prejudice on health and educational outcomes, the self, and discriminatory behaviors? (c) what are the conditions that reduce versus increase implicit attitudes toward groups and the self?


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Rivera, L. M., & Paredez, S. (in press). Stereotypes can “get under the skin”: Testing a self-stereotyping and self-esteem model of overweight and obesity. Journal of Social Issues.

Rivera, L. M. (in press). Ethnic-racial stigma and health disparities: From psychological theory and evidence to public policy solutions. Journal of Social Issues.

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