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Lorraine Elias has been teaching in the FAS-N English Department for twenty-seven years in various full-and part-time capacities.  She is a 'daughter' of Rutgers-Newark with a B.A. in English, where her concentration ranged in British literature from Anglo-Saxon, through Medieval and Renaissance to the Eighteenth Century; she also did extensive work in Nineteenth Century American literature, with independent research on Melville.  Ms. Elias took her M.A. at Seton Hall University, specializing in Medieval and Renaissance, including a thesis on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; to this she added more Nineteenth Century American studies, emphasizing the works of Hawthorne.  Her doctoral work at Rutgers-New Brunswick focused on Eighteenth Century, Bible as Literature and Rhetoric.

As a member of the Newark English Department, Ms. Elias teaches Shakespeare, Chaucer, The Bible as Literature, Survey of English Literature and Literary Masterpieces.  She created Foundations of Literary Study which she taught for many years and also created and taught an advanced English Grammar course based on the ancient art of 'imitatio'.  She simultaneously served in the Writing Program for twenty-two years where she initiated and successfully implemented the concept of the 'three voices' of the research essay.  She has received a number of FASIP awards.  Now working as a Part-Time Lecturer, Ms. Elias has most recently been offering Survey of English Literature and Shakespeare.  She considers herself a 'generalist', having a broad historical knowledge of ancient and modern literature.  Her own critical and teaching approach is 'close-text' with a simultaneous emphasis on historical, political and religious contexts of literary works.   She is currently working on a book entitled 'Interchanging Neighbourhoods': Refractions of Saint Worship in A Midsummer Night's Dream. In preparation is also a short article on Satan's temptation of Eve in Book Nine of Paradise Lost as a parody of the Annunciation scene in the Gospel of Luke.

In addition to teaching at Rutgers, Ms. Elias on the faculty of St. Benedict's Preparatory School in Newark where she offers Senior English electives and Senior Religion.   Her most recently-created course at St. Benedict's is "Princes as Playactors": a Study of Machiavelli and Shakespeare, inspired by her teaching of Shakespeare's history plays in her courses here at Rutgers.

Being herself a  native of Newark's Ironbound section and 'blue-collar scholar', Lorraine Elias is dedicated to upholding the highest possible academic standards for all her Rutgers-Newark students—especially those 'working intellectuals' who hold down jobs and still excel in their college studies.  After all her years on this campus, she still finds  that walking into a Rutgers classroom and taking the students with her into the world of words and ideas is one of the great joys of her life.